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BECCA Cosmetics: Highlighting my Inner Glow

July 26, 2018

Hi there, lovely. How is your week going? Philadelphia has been dreary and extremely humid. What happened to the sunshine?! I’m over this. Anyway! I am popping in today to talk to you about BECCA Cosmetics. I recently picked up a new highlighter as well as two of their brand new lipglosses in their collaboration with Chrissy Teigen. Obsessed isn’t really cutting it to describe my feelings on BECCA, so let me see if I can describe it in this post.

Taking my natural glow up a notch with my favorite brand for highlighters.

I was first introduced to BECCA in the summer of 2016. Might seem odd that I remember that, but this girl rarely forgets her first encounters with new makeup and skincare brands. That July, I had a weekend get together with all of my bridesmaids so they could meet each other prior having to help plan and be at wedding festivities. I ended up planning for us to go to a salon in the city for a makeup class. The premise of the “class” was that we could essentially be taught anything we wanted about makeup. Not only would we be taught how to do a specific look or skill, but we’d get our makeup done in the process. During this experience, the makeup artist working with me introduced me to a slew of new products, one of them being BECCA’s Champagne Pop highlighter. She dabbed it on the tops of cheeks, the tip of my nose, the cupid’s bow of my lip, on my forehead between my eyes, and on the center of my chin. I absolutely loved how the light reflected off of my skin without making me look overdone or unrecognizable. If anything, it felt extremely summery and complimented the tan I had at the time. I ordered the product immediately when I got home. A few months into owning it, I dropped it and the powder turned to crumbles. For some reason I held onto it, but didn’t purchase a fresh one. And truthfully, it has been kicking around in the back of my makeup drawer since then.

Last week, I was in Sephora for something entirely different (aren’t we always?), but BECCA had a display at the front of the store to introduce their collaboration with Chrissy Teigen. Another one of their highlighters caught my eye, and after having one of the makeup artists dab a little on my cheeks to sample it, I had to have it. It’s called Rose Quartz. If you’re wondering what you’re ideal highlighting shade would be for you skin, the website has an option for you to click on the models with different skin tones to help guide you.

The moment I tried out the highlighter, I remembered how much I loved my first highlighter, Champagne Pop. It’s not that I don’t own other highlighters – I own PLENTY.  I have highlighting sticks, highlighting kits, highlighting powders, roll on highlighters, etc. The list goes on. But while I own all of those products, I haven’t come to really embrace them.  Typically I use them a few times and move on, unmoved by what they do for my face and admittedly, not really getting the craze. For example, I own Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Sundipped Glow Kit and it’s okay, but has never blown me away. I use it here and there, but in all honesty feel overwhelmed by it. With BECCA, it’s different. The brand is all about glowing from within — and finding YOUR skin’s radiance. We all have a unique way in which our skin glows, and BECCA wants to help you uncover that. Might seem corny if you’re not as into makeup and skincare as I am, but their message resonates with me. All those other highlighting products I’ve used so far have just felt like a sparkly dust I’m adding to finish out my look. To me, it looked unnatural and I struggled to embrace it. BECCA highlighters have this beautiful way of adding just the right amount of glow to my skin with the most natural finish. That’s why I love the brand.


Lips need glow too.

I couldn’t stop at picking up a new highlighter, and who can walk away from a Chrissy Teigen collab? Talk about natural radiance. I snagged the BECCA x Chrissy Glow Gloss in Beach Bum, which I am wearing in the photos of me in this post. It’s like a pinky-nude color on me.  I’ve been wearing a lot of matte lips lately, but it was easy for me to switch to this gloss because of the product’s rich pigment and full coverage without too much gunk. Glosses can easily come off throughout the day’s events or even just feel heavy to wear.  Not this one. The color stays on my lips, but at the same time I don’t feel like I’m wearing a heavy product anytime I smack my lips together. Rich in color, light in feeling. I was so pleased that a couple of days later, I returned to pick up the Glow Gloss in Beach Nectar, which is an absolutely stunning color. It’s sparkling pigment drenches lips with the most beautiful hue without being overly glossy or shiny. I’m hooked. Grab ’em before they run out!

The highlighter I purchased is not a part of the Chrissy Teigen collaboration, but you can find her inspired products here.



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