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Help Me Out: Picking A Themed Friday Post

February 3, 2018

We made it to the weekend! And its February to boot.  Has anyone else been laughing at all the memes on Instagram about how long of a month January is?  I saw one from the account @Betches that made me laugh saying “January was a tough year, but we made it.”  Truth. Not only is it February, but it’s SUPER BOWL WEEKEND, BABY!  As I write this I’m sitting in pajamas and the comfiest robe I just bought off Amazon and I’m realizing that it’s been at least 3 weeks since I’ve been able to wake up on a Saturday morning and just relax with a cup of coffee in my house before starting the day.  Wow! My plan for the day is to do some needed house cleaning and take some photos for the blog for next week.  I’m also meeting a friend for a late lunch in Chestnut Hill and I have dinner with my husband and siblings tonight in the city.

I apologize for being so MIA this week, but there is a lot going on right now for me.  Ultimately it should all yield positive news which I will be able to share, but until then I have to prioritize a bit differently.  No, I’m not pregnant if that’s where anyone’s mind is heading to. Hehe.

Okay, so I need your help! I have been thinking about switching up my Friday posts to a consistent theme and I’m stuck between 2 ideas.  I would appreciate any feedback from you of what you’d rather see.  Here’s where I’m at…

Theme 1 would be “My Week Day Looks” and it would contain photos that span from Monday to Friday.  It would showcase the face of makeup I wore each day and what products I used. Simple, but I really enjoy posts like this on other blogs that are more wardrobe focused because well…shopping.

Theme 2 would be “Little Details of my Week” and would include just photos of random things throughout my week that aren’t shared in prior posts.  For example, it might be a glass of wine at a restaurant, a photo of a great dish we cooked, a photo of Gina, etc.  I would just simply share the small things I captured on my iPhone or Nikon throughout the week that make me smile.

To give you an idea of where I’m going with these theme posts, this post is created to be a blend of the two. Consider it a sample.  Some pictures are my week day looks and some are pictures I took throughout the week. And if you prefer the blend rather than one or the other, please let me know!  This is a work in progress.  P.S. I do realize that today is Saturday, but these posts would be meant for Friday. 🙂


My Week Summed Up in Little Details & Week Day Looks:

Gina’s return home from the sitter after our weekend in Vermont.

Sautéed veggies after a weekend of traveling and lots of unhealthy *but worth it* choices.

Big, little details to make Monday just a bit more exciting.

Balance in the middle of a very emotional and stressful week.

Thursday details.  Bright florals and my go-to Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Dusty Rose.

Speakeasy wallpaper in black and red velvet.

Candlelit cocktails in dark rooms.

Favorite weekday look from Wednesday, wearing my Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Kathryn for a bold lip against a white backdrop.


Feel free to comment or send me an insta message on what you like, don’t like, prefer.  I have been appreciating all the feedback from those of you who’ve reached out so far. Thank you!



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