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Vanity Toppers #2

February 12, 2018

Hey there! Before I jump into the second Vanity Toppers Series post, I owe you the usual start-of-the-week chatter. This week, I am feeling extremely motivated and ready to get back into the hustle and bustle of real life. The last several days have been filled with Super Bowl celebrations for our Philadelphia Eagles.  When pretty much all of Philadelphia shut down for Thursday’s celebratory parade, routine took a backseat to spontaneity.  I had taken the Monday after the Super Bowl off as well, so working only 3 out of 5 days last week, while wonderful, also threw me off my schedule.  Over the weekend, Steve and I cleaned our house from head to toe and basked in the delight of not having any major plans.  We cooked delicious meals, watched the Olympics, and binged some Netflix on a rainy Sunday.  It was the perfect opportunity to reset and refocus, and I’m all charged up and ready to tackle the week ahead! Wishing you all a productive and – with Valentine’s Day on the horizon – sweet week!

My intention this week is to embrace the hustle. I’m ready to get back into my productive mode…that means diving into the workday grind, fresh blog content, and sweaty workouts head first. This includes maintaining healthy fuel for my body to sustain this productive streak on.  Valentine’s Day chocolate and wine has a special place in this fuel as well…I’m not a masochist.

Dinner for the week:

We have so many leftovers and I’m thrilled because that means an easy week ahead of us!

  • Monday – leftover grilled Cuban chicken, whole grain rice, black beans (this meal is courtesy of Steve!)
  • Tuesday – flank steak and broccoli stir-fry
  • Wednesday – leftover fusilli pasta with vodka sauce from Saturday night (CANNOT recommend this enough)
  • Thursday – chicken fajita wraps (grilled chicken, peppers, onions in a wrap)
  • Friday – TBD. We are celebrating our Valentine’s Day on Friday, and normally cook together or get takeout.

Vanity Toppers #2

This is the second post of my Vanity Toppers series, a monthly recap of the products that are making it to the top of my vanity. You can see the first one here.

Disclaimer: These products are featured on this blog because they have worked for me, but my skin is different from yours (and everyone else’s).  I am not qualified to recommend products, nor do I consider myself an expert in skincare or makeup. Try these products at your own risk.

Biossance Squalane & Peptide Eye Gel – $54

Last month, I was focused on resetting my skin and raved about my Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Peel Pads.  This month, I am focused on finding the right mix of eye products to reduce dark circles and signs of aging.  This is my go-to for reducing dark circles. Biossance Squalane Eye Gel touts the ability to reduce puffiness, plump fine lines, and reduce dark circles.  Believe me that the smallest amount of this stuff goes along way.  Literally, one drop does the trick for each eye.  I use this product in the morning when I’m battling post-sleep puffiness and tired looking eyes. This product has instant results, which is why I mainly use it in the mornings.

Pro-Tip: If your eyes really struggle in the morning, stick a spoon in the freezer overnight and hold on each side for 30 seconds before applying this gel.

Product Con: No anti-aging benefits

IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream – $38

I’ve added IT Cosmetics Confidence in an Eye Cream to my nightly routine.  This eye cream also reduces puffiness and dark circles, but with the added anti-aging benefits.  Sometimes, I’ll even apply this product on top of the Biossance eye gel once it’s settled into my skin during the day.  I do love the instant brightening that I get with this eye cream.  I’ve been using it for about 4 weeks now and have definitely noticed an improvement in brightness and fine lines.

Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask – $14.99

This mask is my absolute favorite.  I’ve been using it for several months on and off, but it’s recently made a comeback this February to brighten up my skin.  I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I’ve just been in a “blah” phase with my skin and hair. It’s depressingly dark out, the weather is all over the place, and without that warm summer sunshine it can seem impossible to get natural glowing skin without a facial every week. Since a facial every week is not my reality, I apply this mask. When applied for 10 minutes and rinsed with cool water, I instantly notice a brighter complexion. At under $20, it delivers real results at a great price.

Note: It seems they’ve changed the packaging to now be an orange container, which kind of makes sense since it’s pumpkin and honey.  My point is, the link takes to you to the same mask as the photos I’ve taken. Consider my dated packaging to be a testament to how long I’ve been using it!

NEST Fragrances Midnight Fleur Rollerball – $27

I’ve enjoyed spritzing myself with a bit of fragrance since my high school days.  Love Spell, anyone? Ha! Truth be told, I’ve gone away from the Victoria’s Secret line of fragrances since then, but I do remember the halls smelling like that famous purple perfume since pretty much every girl had a bottle! I’m sure if I smelled some today I’d have some serious nostalgia. (Note to self: Maybe run into Victoria’s Secret next time you’re in the mall and smell Love Spell again? Don’t be creepy about it, though.) Anyway, I’ve gone through my fair share of fancy perfume bottles, but recently I’ve fallen in love with rollerball perfumes.  When I saw the line of NEST rollerball fragrances in Sephora a few weeks ago, I decided to test them out.  I think what drew me to them is the stunning design of the packaging. After smelling each one, I settled on Midnight Fleur.  The scent is intriguing, but not overpowering.  It’s a subtle sweetness. I love applying this in the morning on my wrists and collar bone before running out the door.  I also encourage you to check out NEST Fragrances other product lines.  They’re known for their scented products for the home: candles, diffusers, soaps, etc.  I’m one of those people that loves burning candles and I’m now eyeing some of their unique scents like Moroccan Amber, Lemongrass & Ginger, or Ocean Mist & Sea Salt… so many to choose from starting at $16!

Babor Winter Cream – $85

You can read about this one here.


I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my vanity this month and found some inspiration for your own!



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